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Coronavirus and Catch


It is now very clear that the Coronavirus outbreak is set to spread more widely across the UK and the rest of the World. Here at Catch we are doing all we can to ensure a continued service for Clients and contractors alike. 

We are following the UK Government's advice on travel, home working and self quarantine but want to reassure you that should we all have to work remotely then we can continue to provide a high level of service. We have long been set up so that our services can be provided no matter where we physically are. 

Contingency plans for Clients

  • have you clearly briefed your employees and external contractors on the symptoms and how to protect themselves?
  • does everyone know when NOT to attend the workplace?
  • have you put travel restrictions in place?
  • does everyone know how to remotely access the systems they work with? has that access been tested?
  • has everyone got access to phone lists etc if they're not physically in the office? 
  • have you communicated what you will reimburse and how you will do that (mobile phone charges etc)?
  • have you identified deputees for authorising managers?  has that been communicated to Catch?
  • have you thought about using Catch Engage (our video interviewing capabilities) for interviews so that your recruitment or project plans aren't unnecessarily delayed?
  • are you keeping abreast of the latest government advice

Contingency plans for Contractors

  • have you been made aware of the Coronavirus policy at any sites you are attending?
  • can you work from home if necessary?
  • have you tested that you can access all necessary systems? 
  • do you have contact numbers for everyone you need to keep in touch with?
  • do you know who would authorise your timesheet if your normal authorising manager is unwell? Have you communicated that to Catch?
  • are you keeping abreast of the latest NHS advice?

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any concerns or questions.

Best regards,

Rose Clarke
Finance and Operations Director