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New Year = Microsoft Dynamics Resolutions

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New Year = Microsoft Dynamics Resolutions

For most, the Christmas and New Year period is a time of excess; too much food and potentially a few too many glasses of wine, leading to the inevitable guilt and thus the setting of New Year resolutions.

The most common resolutions are to exercise more regularly, to drink less alcohol or maybe give up a certain vice; cigarettes or sugar etc. A statistic I recently noted confirmed that 25% of people will have already given up on these by the end of the first week and 60% of these same people will make exactly the same resolution 12 months on!

This lead me to consider why people continue to make the same resolutions and the same mistakes year after year.

How does this relate to a Dynamics AX, Nav or CRM implementation I hear you ask……..surely you think we learn from these mistakes and they will be corrected next time?!

Unfortunately not always! And this is because of the ‘planning fallacy.’ This refers to our belief that a current project will go as well as planned even though most projects from a relevant comparison set have failed to do so.

For example, I may strongly believe that I will finish this current note about the failures of plans in the one afternoon I estimate it will take, despite much evidence suggesting that I have rarely finished my writing projects within my estimated times.

When I read the about the planning fallacy it struck a chord with me and how it relates to an ERP system implementation; I wondered if the people who had been involved with a previously failed implementation would learn and adjust their approach to a future programme? Much of the research around the ‘planning fallacy’ suggests that people continue giving optimistic time estimates of project completion within planned times, despite past evidence of failure – which I believe is probably why we often hear about ERP projects running over time and thus over budget.

It then leads to me to think why do we not learn more from our previous mistakes, and I think it’s because the most common misconception is that next time it is a different project and this time with different people, a different environment, surely the same issues won’t happen again!! Unfortunately more often than not issues will arise within a project, maybe not the same issues as before but other hurdles that need to be overcome, regardless of the company itself or the people involved.

The best way to achieve success with both your New Year resolutions and a new ERP/CRM implementation is to set realistic, achievable and defined goals from the outset, by setting these, there is a sense of positive reinforcement when each milestone is hit as opposed to the opposite feeling of disappointment when more unrealistic targets are missed.

I am like most and in the past had set the standard new year resolutions; go to the gym 4/5 times per week, eat kale for breakfast, lunch and dinner….. As you can imagine I never stuck to this and so this year I have set far more balanced goals for both my personal and work life. Hopefully we can all make this a great year within the Dynamics space, taking ownership of our involvement within these programmes and achieving the goals we set out to achieve at the beginning.

With over a decades experience as a specialist agency, we have built up a vast database of professionals that we have taken the time to speak to both regularly, and in depth - gaining an insight into the projects they have worked on, the skills they have gained and the types of organisations that they work best with. In this way we are able to identify the top tier professionals, and most importantly those who DO learn from their previous programmes.

Should you wish to discuss how Catch can assist you with your Dynamics project in more detail, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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