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The New Normal

It’s interesting how the pandemic has promoted such dramatic changes to our working practices. I’ve seen our clients go from a state of panic and shock into quickly re-thinking how their projects can be delivered remotely. In most cases, our clients have managed to continue to progress with their ERP projects and we have seen a lot of success and determination to succeed.

At Catch Resource Management the pandemic has brought about massive change; based on our experiences over the past 10 months we have recently implemented a four-day working week with only a negligible reduction in overall salary.   

What we’ve learnt is that working from home works; we already had the IT and Comms capability to easily facilitate that and the team at Catch managed to work together via Microsoft Teams and Zoom calls with everyone working efficiently, communicating effectively and supporting each other. We trust our employees implicitly to perform their jobs from home, which is why we have some employees now regularly working from home, unheard of when I started in recruitment more years ago than I care to remember!

I’m proud that we have been able to offer a four day week that will provide all staff more time to spend with family & friends,  creating a much better work/life balance for everyone, it also allows more time for sporting activities which we have always encouraged, we firmly believe that a fit a healthy workforce returns better results. On top of that, it enables more family time, more time to enjoy time away and more time to relax and enjoy life and on the flip side means that everyone is much more productive when they are working.

The Catch management team and senior consultants will remain contactable five days a week, so our clients needn’t worry about any reduction in service levels and new technology projects will further enhance our quality of service and remote working capabilities.

With the market continuing to improve, more vacancies coming live and a noticeable number of projects coming back online we are busier than ever.  Uncertain times maybe, but the future certainly continues to look bright for the ERP and cloud sector. If you would be interested in talking to Catch about our recruitment services or our initiative on employee engagement, please make contact by email or contacting us through our Catch Resource Management app.  

Philip Barker Managing Director